Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

  • The Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, wha Womans University, presents the vision of fostering
    "future innovative talents leading the development of new generation drugs.
  • The "future innovative talents leading the development of new generation drugs" means the talented-pharmacist who can respond to unmet demands due to the acceleration of technology convergence by
    1. 1) A unified understanding of the data- based full-cycle process for new drug development
    2. 2) Quickly and flexibly solve problems at the research field of new drug discovery
    3. 3) Continuous self-powered development and leading the Global bio-health industry
Education vision

For an integrated understanding of the entire cycle of data- based new drug development, reinforce basic concept education for the whole process and introduce essential curriculum for data analysis and use, at the same time, providing on -the- spot like education that enables accurate problem understanding, ethical/ reasonable/efficient judgment, and quick use in the specialized research field, Thereby accomplishing our vision of fostering next-generation new drug development talents with integrated knowledge of new drug development technology and application capabilities,

Research vision

To lead the research of global innovative drug development, we foster excellent research talents who can speedily and flexibly solve problems at the new drug development research field, and satisfy unmet medical demands with synergistic performance of data based innovative convergence and multidisciplinary research in the entire cycle of new drug development for target/ candidate discovery, drug efficacy/toxicity evaluation and optimization, In addition, we will secure excellence in key research fields through intensive research and utilization of infrastructures.

Internationalization. Vision

The vision is to establish a global bio-health industry network that shares cooperative profit value. To reach to the goal, we are establishing an interactive EPHARM-BIO hub, a channel for smooth communication between laboratories, industrial sites and clinicians, Based on this foundation, the expended cooperative research with the global bio--health industry and the creation of the NetWorth,