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The Ewha MBA program encourages students with no previous professional work experience to pursue an internship. Our partnership with The Washington Center, a global internship organization, allows students to gain work experience with many different American companies and organizations.

Global Internship Program

To be a global leader, it is essential to experience the global business world. The Ewha MBA offers global internship opportunities to students to develop top quality business leaders and to build experience by closely cooperating with partner universities and institutions in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.

The Washington Center Global Internship

The Ewha MBA is the first Korean program of its kind to establish a partnership with The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. Through The Washington Center Business Program, students can learn the skills they need to function effectively in the business world, and gain experience and know-how to succeed in a high powered competitive environment.

Global Internship ProgramTable for Global Internship Program
Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer & Company, The Shaw Group, Inc., JP Morgan Chase, Vestera International, Booz Allen Hamilton, MarketBridge, Inc., American Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Full-time experience, academic courses, seminars conducted by corporate leaders: Embassy Visit Program Briefings at International Finance Corporation, International Monetary Fund, and Federal Reserve; and portfolio evaluation systems.

Domestic Internship Program

Ewha MBA students take internships in globally competitive Korean companies to expand their career opportunities. We produce professionals knowledgeable in academic theory and with practical abilities.

How to Take Internship Course

1. Completion of Credits

Students can take Internship Course as an elective course and acquire 3 or 6 credits depending on duration of Internship.

2. Period of Taking Course and Acquireing Credits

Internship courses can be taken during attending school including vacation or recessing. The period of acquiring credits is after taking three semesters and is included in the maximum number of credits for a semester.

3. Agents suitable for Internship

Agents that are suitable for Internship should meet the following standards and students need to get approval from the Career Care Center before they start their Internship.

  1. ① Domestic: Business or a place of business that has more than 5 persons insured for unemployment insurance including an enterprise, an institute, a social organization, an economic organization.

  2. ② Overseas: A place of overseas business equivalent with domestic standards including an enterprise, an institute, a social organization, an economic organization.

4. Duration

Duration of training: credits defer in accordance with duration of training.

  1. ① Internship1(3 Credits) : working more than 72 hours

  2. ② Internship2(6 Credits) : working more than 144 hours