History of Ewha Law School

The year of 1950: Opening the New Horizon of Higher Female Education

In 1950, Ewha started from the law department of legal undergraduate studies. It was the cradle of female law education, and the tenth education institute for law in Korea.The year of 1970: Nurturing Female Legal Leaders
Developing its independent academic traditions, Ewha made its graduates to enter into the expert fields of the society. Starting from alumna Jeon Hyo-Sook (former judge of the Consitutional Court, current professor at Ewha Womans University Law School), Ewha produced lots of successful candidates of national examinations including judicial exams of Korea.

The year of 1990: Formulating the groundwork of nurturing female legal experts

In 1996, Ewha’s law department was raised to the status of an independent College of Law. Ewha then increased the number of entering students (to 200), established outstanding faculty members, built law library, and built a special dormitory exclusive for law students (Sot-eul-gwan). With all these provided, Ewha faithfully laid the foundation for nurturing legal experts of Korea.

The year of 2000: Positioning itself as the mecca of female lawyers

In August 2000, Korean Council for University Education had done an evaluation for law schools in Korea. Ewha was on the first ranking among 79 law schools in Korea. Also, the number of students who passed judicial exam of Korea gradually increased from 2000. In 2007, the number was in the fifth largest in Korea. The rate of commission to judges and prosecutors among students of the Judicial Research and Training Institute took the first place since 2005. With all these factors, Ewha successfully positioned itself being the cradle of female legal experts.

The year of 2009: Opening Ewha Law School

In September 2008, Ewha was selected as a university eligible to open a law school with 100 entering students. And thus in March 2009, Ewha Law School was opened. Ewha operates differentiated education programs with outstanding faculty members and is maximizing the satisfaction of students. Ewha anticipates to produce female legal experts who strengthens national competitiveness in the era of free market amidst globalization, who has both expertise and morality who can meet the demands of the world of democratization and unification, and who is filled with vision and passion for the future society.