Ewha Law School


Ewha Law School has 3 institutes.

  • Ewha Legal Science Institute
  • Institute for Gender and Law
  • Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law & Ethics|

Ewha Legal Science Institute

Ewha Legal Science Institute was established in September 1995 for the creation of a legal culture by studying theories and practices both in and out of Korea, and harmonizing academic theories and practical matters. The Institute holds various different conferences, forums and lectures of notable legal experts. It also published journals that includes the research papers and presentations of professors. It has 10 centers that are in charge of each different fields and has a reference library that deals with administrative affairs like administering resources and publications.

Institute for Gender and Law

Institute for Gender and Law has been founded in September, 2008 in order to devote to academic progress and social practice of gender law, one of the special areas to realize the pedagogical goal of Ewha Law School. Institute enhance academic empowerment to held both domestic and international conferences and provide Ewha law students with opportunities to effectively learn knowledge and understanding on gender law. Furthermore, the Institute will initiate the gender law clinic program and improve legal education program so that the Institute contributes to local communities to serve the women who need legal help throughout the counseling and legal aid.

Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law &Ethics

Ewha Institute for Law &Bioethics was founded in 2005 to study regulations and policy which can determine legal validity and ethical adequacy of technology of life science. It was renamed to “Ewha Institute for Biomedical Law &Ethics”in 2007 and has taken social responsibility which contributes to the government law &policy on public medicine and medical law and acknowledges the social agenda on life science, biomedical law and ethics.