Ewha Law School

First-Year Curriculum

Spring Semester

  • L11001 General Principles of Public Law
  • L11002 General Principles of Civil and Commercial Law
  • L11003 General Principle of Criminal Law
  • L11004 Introduction to Civil and Criminal Procedure
  • L11005 Legal Researching
  • L11006 Legal Writing
  • L21002 Critical Thinking and Legal Reasoning
  • L21003 Ethics fol Lawyers
  • L21004 Introduction to the American Legal System
  • L21005 American Torts Law
  • L21006 Introduction to Korean law
  • L21010 Contract Law

Autumn Semester

  • L11007 Moot Court
  • L11009 Professional Ethics
  • L21007 American Contract Law
  • L21008 Fundamental Human Right
  • L21009 Governmental Structure
  • L21011 Law of Real Property Right
  • L21012 Special Studies on Crimes
  • L21017 Law and Economics
  • L21018 Introduction to the Tax Law
  • L21020 US Constitutional Law
  • L21021 Accountiong for Lawyers
  • L21026 Law of Obligations
  • L21046 Civil Procedure LawⅠ
  • L21049 Employment Law
  • L21054 Methodology of Law