Herb Garden

Herb Garden

  • Established in 1956
  • Facilities: 4 greenhouses, 250 sites growing different species of trees, plants and herbs (Total area: 3,771.4m²)
  • Each greenhouse is furnished with sprinklers and air-conditioning to maintain temperature and humidity that will ensure optimal conditions for plant growth.
  • The Herb Garden has some 270 species of plants collected, foliage plants, trees, and flora.
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  • The college of Pharmacy allocates a part of its budget to finance the Herb Garden.
  • The Herb Garden is managed in close association with the Ewha University Greenhouse.
  • It is used for studying the exterior of plants at different stages, such as flowering and fruiting, and for getting first-hand experience with the plant ecosystem.
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  • One full-time staff member performs the basic maintenance work.
  • Two daily workers are employed from spring to autumn for the sowing, weeding, and harvesting.
  • Other daily workers are employed on an as-needed basis.