Message from the Dean

Since its foundation in 1945
as the first college
of pharmacy in Korea

the College of Pharmacy at Ewha Womans University has established a specialized pharmacy education with the aim of developing creative thinking and challenging spirit based on Ewha’s 75 years of history and its pedagogical ideals of convergence, well-rounded education, science, and globalization. This commitment has led to the cultivation of professionals with expertise and convergent insight in the field of pharmacy, welcoming more than 8,000 graduates into the world.
The College of Pharmacy has secured a de facto position as Korea’s foremost pharmacy school; the college’s undergraduate and graduate courses were ranked at the highest level, while it was also important role in various fields, including universities at home and abroad, research institutions, hospitals, administrative agencies and pharmaceutical companies.
Together with outstanding researchers and faculty members, the College of Pharmacy has conducted active studies in diverse fields ranging from clinical research to the development of new pharmaceutical drugs. In recognition of these efforts, it has been selected to receive support for a range of individual programs as well as large-scale national projects. In addition, it has concentrated on university-industry cooperative research in order to contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Korea.
Since adjusting its degree course to a six-year program in 2011, the College of Pharmacy has endeavored towards excellence in terms of an interdisciplinary approach to pharmacy education, by acquiring a greater range of cutting-edge laboratory equipment, recruiting excellent faculty, publishing significant research results and actively involving international and domestic professionals with extensive hands-on experience. These advantages will guide prospective students of Ewha’s College of Pharmacy to develop as global pharmacists equipped with global standards of expertise and creative leadership.
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