Campus Dining

There are several dining places on campus where students can have a meal from 2,000 KRW (around 2 USD) to 10,000 KRW (around 10 USD). Choice of food is diverse from Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc. Besides campus cafeterias, each building has its own convenience store.

Campus DiningName, Location, Style, Opening Hours, Price Range로 구성된 Campus Dining 안내 표
Name Location Style Opening Hours Price Range
I-House C B1 self-serving Weekdays 11:00~18:30 (Break time: 15:00~16:00)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
6,500 won ~
BLUEPOT Helen Hall
Basement Floor
Coffee 08:00~20:00 2,000 ~
4,000 won
Helen Hall
Helen Hall
3rd Floor
one course menu Weekdays Lunch 10:30~14:00
Weekdays Dinner 16:30~18:30 (Fridays 16:00~17:00)
On vacation: Lunch only 11:00~13:00
2,300 won
ECC B4 Food Court (Korean, Western, Snacks, etc.) Weekdays 10:00~19:00 (Last order: 18:30)
Weekends 10:30~18:00 (Last order: 17:30)
*temporarily(~4.12) 11:00~14:00
4,000 won~
8,000 won
Dr. Robbin
ECC B4 Western, Asian,
Snack, Bakery,
7 days a week
3,000 won ~
Cathay Ho
(캐세이 호)
ECC B4 Chinese 11:30~15:00, 17:00~21:00,
Closed on Sundays and Holidays
9,000 won ~
The Venti
Paris Baguette
Obong Lunch Box
Seogawon Kimbob
Ewha-Posco Building 1st Basement Floor Snack, Bakery, Coffee Weekdays, Saturdays 08:00~20:00
Saturdays 09:00~17:00
Sundays CLOSED
The Venti: 1,500 ~3,000 won
Paris Baguette: 1,000~5,000 won
Lunch Box, Kimbob: 2,500~5,000 won
ECC B4 Coffee, Snack Weekdays 08:00~22:00
Saturdays 09:00~21:00
Sundays 10:00~20:00
2,500 won ~
Tous Les Jours
ECC B4 Bakery, Cafe Weekdays 07:00~19:30
Seven days a week
*temporary (due to COVID-19) Saturdays ~15:30, Sundays CLOSED
Bakery 2,000~3,000 won
Cafe 3,000~5,000 won ~
Salady(샐러디) ECC B4 Salad (Wrap, Bowl, Burger) Weekdays 07:00~20:00
closed on holidays
7,000 won ~
ECC B4 Tteok (Korean style rice cake specialty brand) Weekdays 08:00~19:00
Saturday 08:00~17:00
Tteok 1,000~3,000 won
Drinks 3,000~5,000 won
Ewha Kimbob
ECC B4 Korean Weekdays 09:00~18:00 (Break time: 14:30~15:30)
closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
3,500 won ~
Cafe ING
(카페 아이엔지)
International Education Building 2~3F Coffee, Snack Weekdays 08:00~19:00
Weekends 11:00~17:00
closed on holidays
1,500 won ~