• All Students will receive 'Staff Contact Info for Emergency' during the Orientation Session of the Opening Ceremony & Orientation. 

Emergency Numbers
  • The emergency telephone number for an ambulance is 119 (no, this is not typo - some emergency/information numbers here are the opposite of the North American ones). Translators are available in over a dozen languages, including English. However, if no one is available when you call, you can also dial 1330 (02-119 / 02-1330 from a cell phone) and they will interpret for you.
  • MRS (Medical Referral Service) is staffed by ex-pat and Korean voluteers who will give you information on the nearest hospital to your location, contact details, etc. They cannot give medical advice, but they can tell you where to get help.
  • Since cars do not always move over for ambulances in Korea, it is often just as quick to drive or take a taxi to your neared emergency department. Note that if you call 119 from a landline and cannot communicate, the emergency services will trace your location. This is not the case, however, if you are calling from a cell phone. Alternatively, if you have a security sytem installed in your home, you can press the panic button and the security company will help you.
Poison Control
  • Information can be best obtained from the 121 Hospital Emergency Room on Yongsan Army Base at 7917-5545/6001. This is the best source of English-speaking information about poisoing in Korea. The Seoul Poison Center can be contacted by dialing 129, but you are not guranteed to reach an English speaker.
Interpretation Assistance
  • BBB: 1588-5644 (Korean volunteer speakers of various languages)
  • KTO: 1330 (02-1330 on cell phone) General Info and Interpretation in English 24/7