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Tips on overcoming bulimia

Corrective Action for External and Social Factors which cause Bulimia 1 (Healthy Eating)

1. In case of disordered eating habits
  • Have meals at scheduled time.
  • Ensure that the time interval between meals and snacks does not exceed 3-4 hours.
  • Have three meals consisting of proteins and carbs a day and two snacks.
  • Choose the right place.
  • Eat while sitting at a table.
2. In case eating habits are formed to certain extent
  • Check if you're eating enough.
  • Leave only the right amount of food to eat during the scheduled meals and snack times
  • Do not leave a large amount of food that can cause binge eating.
3. How to learn new eating habits
  • Eat at a place away from where you store or cook food
  • Try to plate the food nicely
  • Decorate your table nicely and prepare tablecloth, spoon, tableware and so on.
  • Only bring the food you will eat from the kitchen to the dining area.
  • Take 15 minutes for each meal and focus on eating as intended.
  • Look at the food for 30 seconds before each meal. Put the utensil down while you chew. How does the food look like on the plate? Feel the taste of food in your mouth. After chewing for long time, swallow.

Corrective Action for External and Social Factors which cause Bulimia 2 (Healthy Habits)

1. Actions that can help you control food consumption
  • Decide where to eat and do not make frequent trips to the kitchen.
  • Stop eating and leave the table when you start to feel full.
  • Focus only on eating during meal time.
  • Practice controlling consumption amount to avoid eating more than planned.
  • Keep yourself busy after the afternoon snack so you do not end up looking for food
  • Change the mood by expressing your feelings in conversation, diary or letter
  • Practice physical activity (exercise, etc.) as it helps with calorie consumption and appetite reduction
  • Plan something over the weekends and holidays to prevent binge eating
  • Give yourself rest and joy by avoiding overwork caused by perfectionism and having time for yourself
2. Principles of regular meal plan
  • Set a meal time in advance and eat during that time.
  • Ensure that the time interval between meals and snacks does not exceed 3-4 hours
  • Try to not to eat between planned snacks and meals.
  • Prioritize meal plan over other activities.
  • Make a meal plan every morning or the evening before and write it down in a diary.
  • Do not use nauseant, diuretics and laxatives after meals.
  • Gradually adjust the amount of food to avoid eating too little or too much.
3. Principles of regular meal plan
  • Regular meals are essential in avoiding binge eating.
  • Signals from my stomach is wrong, so I have to eat regularly rather than eat when I feel like to.
  • I have to eat regularly and only the planned amount without going on a diet so I do not end up binge eating tonight.
  • It's important to eat regularly, like taking medication.
  • The urge to binge eat is strong right now, but this shall pass. I have to overcome this impulse.
  • I feel like eating because the signal from my stomach is wrong. Soon, I will feel full, so I do not need to binge eat right now.

Corrective Action for Internal Factors which cause Bulimia

Find fun activities instead of binge eating: Create a list of fun activities

Data related to binge eating internal (mood) factors. Provide a list of fun activities to diverge your attention and create your own fun activities list, share this with group members and share feedback with each other. Common causes of binge eating include poor mood and emotional states such as boredom. Boredom is an emotion that is felt in situations where there is nothing planned and nothing is done, and it is another form of negative emotion.

The effective way to manage these risks is to focus on joyful activities that change the air and prevent binge eating. Joyful activities tend to push out uncomfortable feelings and problematic thinking so that you can think more optimistically and divert the attention. At first glance, it looks like it is not a big deal, but it has a pretty strong power to stop the binge eating urge. Create and practice a challenging list of activities and try to spread the urge to binge.

Creating a list of fun activities might be difficult. But as you work on the activities on your list one by one, you will find yourself not missing the days you spent binge eating. Utilize the provided list of fun activities to create your own list.

How to Promote Positive Emotions: Build a Positive Experience

1. Short-term enhancement

Find the joyful things you can do right now. Increase frequency of activities that can cause positive emotions. Have fun doing it at least once a day

2. Long-term enhancement

Change your life now so that a lot of positive things can happen. Build up a way of worthy life.

  1. 1) Goal Setting: Build a positive experience

    • Make a list of the positive things you want to do
    • Make a small step today to achieve your goals
    • Start the first step
  2. 2) Look at the relationship with people

    • Restore past relationships
    • Try to make a new relationship.
    • Keep your current relationship well.
  3. 3) Avoid the avoiding mind

    • Avoid giving up.


短时间内(约2小时以内)食用量明显大于普通人食用量,在食用食物期间对食物的摄取失去控制。 另外,为了防止体重增加,吐出食物,滥用止泻药,利尿剂,或过度运动,对自己的体重和体型过分执着的补偿行为反复出现的状态称为暴食症。

  • 试图通过清除自己身体中的食物来补偿暴饮暴食.
  • 虽然能在短时间内减轻暴饮暴食带来的不便感,但容易疲劳,眩晕,脱水等对身体有害。
  1. 清除暴食的类型

    • 使用呕吐或者利尿剂的情况(呕吐、利尿剂,减肥药,催吐剂等的服用)
  2. 对暴饮暴食补偿的情况

    • 过度的运动或者挨饿
  3. 习惯性的暴食症

    • 不暴食暴食或者不做补偿行为
    • 超过正常体重的情况居多
    • “对体型或者体重相关的低自尊以及负面情绪”成为促发诱因的情况居多

诱发暴饮暴食的外部/社会诱因相关的应对方法 1(健康的饮食习惯)


1. 饮食毫无规律的情况
  • 在规定的时间里饮食就餐。
  • 一餐和下一餐的间隔尽量不要超过3-4个小时。-> 坚持遵守一天3次用餐(蛋白质与碳水化合物)以及2次的点心
  • 选择合适的场所
  • 在餐桌前吃东西
  • 确认饮食量是否充足
  • 预定的饮食时间和点心时间内留下适量的食物。
  • 对诱发暴饮暴食的食物不要留太多的量。
  • 在保管食品或者做菜的地方以外的场所用餐。
  • 尽量把食物做的色香俱全。
  • 把餐桌装饰的更美观,同时也摆好桌布, 碗筷架, 餐具等。
  • 把要吃的量从厨房里盛出来到吃饭的场所。
  • 就餐的15分钟里,是为了树立健康的饮食习惯的时间,所以请只集中于吃饭上。
  • 在动筷子之前,用30秒的时间仔细观察准备好的饭菜。夹一口饭菜放入口中后,慢慢咀嚼的过程里请放在筷子。碗中的食物看起来如何呢?感受一下放入口中的食物咀嚼出了什么味道。请尽量久地咀嚼后再吞咽。
  • ♥ 蛋白质 > 碳水化合物, 温热的食物> 冷的食物,固体食物 > 有毒的食物
  • ♥ 一周的时间里挑战坚持我特有的饮食习惯吧~

诱发暴饮暴食的外部/社会诱因相关的应对方法 2(健康的饮食习惯)

  • 规定好吃东西的场所,不要经常去厨房。
  • 当感到有饱腹感的时候,停止继续吃,离开餐桌。
  • 吃饭的时候,只集中于吃饭。
  • 练习不在规定计划之外吃东西的饮食调节。
  • 午后点心时间后到晚饭之前,让自己忙碌起来而无暇去寻找吃的东西。
  • 把自己的情绪用对话或日记,写信的方式去表现对情绪转换会有帮助。
  • 身体活动(运动等会对)消耗能量以及抑制食欲有帮助,所以请实践起来。
  • 周末,公休日里,计划安排消遣的活动有助于预防暴饮暴食。
  • 避免因完美主义而产生疲劳,确保为自己的时间,给自己休息和快乐。
  • 预先规定好就餐时间,到了规定时间就吃饭。
  • 正餐和点心时间的间隔尽量不超过3-4个小时。
  • 在计划的点心和正餐时间之间,尽最大努力不吃任何东西。
  • 尽力把就餐计划优先于其他的活动。
  • 每天早上或者前一天的晚上,规定好当天的就餐计划,并且记录饮食日记。
  • 就餐后不适用催吐、利尿剂或泻药。
  • 尽量不要吃太多或太少,慢慢地调节饮食量。
  • 有规律的饮食是预防暴食的必须条件。
  • 现在我的胃肠信号功能坏了,所以觉得我想吃的时候,不要吃,要按规律吃
  • 不节食减肥,有规律地吃才能避免今晚我暴饮暴食
  • 现在就像吃药一样有规律地吃饭很重要
  • 想要暴饮暴食的心情虽然现在十分强烈,但是只要过了一会儿,这样的心情就会减少。所以现在要好好地克服这样的冲动。
  • 现在想要吃东西的感觉是发送吃饱的信号的胃出问题了的原因,只要过一会儿,就会有感觉到肚子饱了的感觉。
  • 没有必要现在暴饮暴食



有效管理这些危险要素的方法是,将焦点放在唤起心灵,以及可以防止暴饮暴食的有意思的活动上。 有意思的活动有排斥不适情绪和歪曲思考的作用,也可以使思考更加乐观,并唤起注意集中力。 乍一看似乎没什么大不了的,但确实具有阻止暴饮暴食冲动的强大力量。 试着制作一份值得挑战的有意思的活动清单去尝试实践来分散暴饮暴食的冲动吧。
填写有意思的的活动的清单本身可能很难,但是当你逐一落实你们清单上的活动时,你就会明白为什么你不再怀念暴饮暴食的过去了。 请填写一份属于自己有意思的活动的清单吧。



寻找现在就可以感到快乐的事情做一下吧。请增加一些能引起积极情绪的愉快的事情。 请每天至少进行一次可以令自己快乐的活动吧。


现在给我的生活一些改变,让我能够经历更多积极的事情。 请累积“有价值的人生”的方式吧。

  1. 制定目标:积累积极地经验

    • 制定一个自己想做的积极的事情的目录。
    • 为了达成目标,制定一个今天就可以做的很小的一步。
    • 尝试第一步。
  2. 观察和他人的关系

    • 恢复过去的关系。
    • 努力建立新的关系。
    • 请保持好现在的关系。
  3. 避免自己的回避心理

    • 避免自己想要放弃的心理。