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Tips to prevent suicide

VI. Tips to prevent suicide (关于自杀的对策方法)

Step 1: Actively encourage, comfort, and take care of yourself! (第一阶段:积极地鼓励、安慰和照顾自己。)

If you think you want to commit suicide, then accept that impulse by saying to yourself, "My heart is so painful and confused that I can not solve it with my usual actions!" And be active to comfort, encourage and take care of yourself.


First, avoid being alone.

In particular, open your mind to and confide with people who you can usually trust, to your close friends, and to people who can understand you well. You must confess to them, "I am so distressed as much as I want suicide. myself."


Second, write to organize your feelings and thoughts.

If you write what situation makes you want to die and what feelings you have now, you can see your situation more objectively and feel far more relieved


Third, recall the moment when you felt good of yourself, proud of yourself, when you were pleased, and when you felt happy about yourself.

Recall in detail those moments: who you were with, the conversations, the places and the smells of the surroundings at the time. Do not stop recalling until you feelings change.


Fourth, do whatever you feel comfortable doing (walking, playing games, watching movies, singing, eating delicious food, playing with pets, etc.) until you feel better.

However, alcohol consumption and drug use are not recommended because they make your mood exaggerated and extreme.


Step 2: Think about your recent experiences that made you want to commit suicide! (第二阶段:回想引发想要自杀的最近的事情,并做如下地核对。)


If a very shocking experience such as problems of your family, sex, and school violence; being bullied; your failure in love; the economic breakdown of your family; and the sudden death of one of your family members etc. is a distinct cause of your suicidal impulse, say to yourself, "Are these the things that nobody but me suffers?" Remember that since what you've been through is an experience that has been undertaken by a countless number of people around the world, you have a lot of people to share it with.

因家庭、性、学校暴力受害、排挤、失恋、学费诈骗受害、家庭的经济破产以及家人的突然死亡等非常冲击性的经验而有想自杀的想法的时候, 仔细想一想 “只有我一个人经受这样的事情吗?”自己所经历的痛苦的心情只有我自己才了解,不幸地是没有一个人可以以同样的心情分享我内心的痛苦。但是我所经历的事情,在世界上有很多人都在经历着,要记住“在世界上有许多人可以和我一起分享。”


If you think that you would rather die because of your flaws, deficiencies, and failures, then admit that these problems occur because we are not perfect and that they are taken for granted and universal; and give a warm glance at yourself.



if you find yourself saying "I am alone. Even if I die, nothing will happen. Nobody will care about me", think hard whether you are missing on those people around you, who are concerned about you.

“在世上只有我一个人。只有我自己。即使我死了也不会有什么问题发生。不会有人理我。” 要是有类似的想法,仔细观察一下有没有漏下或错过关心我的人。虽然我喜欢的人不一定和我很亲密,但我认为不太亲密的人也可能对我带有好感,希望我能过得更好。


If your things go so wrong that you feel a suicidal impulse, use the school counseling center. You may find some unexpected solutions there; The counselors there may give you a direct help, but they will often give you an indirect help by assisting you in finding some helpful resources.

如果有了 “想死”的想法,就说明目前面对的问题很难以以自身的力量去解决,或是一定需要别人帮助的事情。偶尔有一些即使是周围亲密的朋友或家人的帮助也可能无法轻易解决的问题存在。这种情况下向相关的专业人士请求帮助是顺利解决问题的机会。这时,利用学校咨询中心求助是其中的一种方法。咨询师可以直接提供帮助,或是协力提供其他资源,以意想不到的方式解决问题的情况也有。鼓起勇气请求帮助吧!

Step 3: If you fail to shake off your suicidal impulse despite these efforts, do not hesitate to get help from a professional. (第三阶段:即使做出如上的努力还是会有自杀的想法的话,不要犹豫,请马上向专业人士求助。)

If you contact the school counseling center, you will get the information on some professional suicide-intervention organizations.